Surviving the summer heat: Salvation Army in need of water donations

Surviving the summer heat: Salvation Army in need of water donations

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As temperatures continue to heat up, The Salvation Army is in need of cases of water so they can continue to do the most good.

All June long, they'll be collecting cases of water for a drive that Major Harvey Johnson hopes will leave a lasting memory on the community he serves.

Each day The Salvation Army is handing out close to 200 bottles of water to those leaving the shelter every morning.

As temperatures jump, so does the number of people entering their doors during the day looking for hydration.

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"We invite not just the homeless, but people that might be in small cramped places without appropriate cooling to come during our business hours," said Major Harvey Johnson, Executive Director for The Salvation Army in Amarillo. "Enjoy getting into cool weather instead of hot."

The location on Harrison Street will serve as a cooling station this summer.

To prepare, The Salvation Army is asking you to drop off cases of water all month long to that location and the thrift store on S. 27th Street.

"All of our friends and people who want to demonstrate kindness to folks that are going through a difficult time with hydration, they jump on board," said Major Johnson. Sometimes there's other agencies that are in the area that have people coming in so we'll share with them as well. So we're talking 20 to 30 cases of water a day."

This water drive is one of the last events for Major Johnson and he hopes to count so many cases of water that it'll leave a lasting impression on those who the organization has served.

"June 17 is my last day here, finishing up six years and 40 years of service in The Salvation Army," said Major Johnson.

While not from Amarillo, Major Johnson says the spirit of the people in the Panhandle made him feel at home.

"Compassion for one another," said Major Johnson. "The positive response when a need is presented and how folks will rally around and pull resources and pull man power to get the job done."

To kick off donating water cases to the Salvation Army all June long, the organization will be hosting an event this Saturday at the Market Street location on Georgia Street from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M.

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