Food for thought: Restaurants serve as the root of downtown development on Polk Street

Food for thought: Restaurants serve as the root of downtown development on Polk Street
Polk Street artwork in Six Car (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Downtown Amarillo is seeing improvement every day with the revitalization of existing buildings and the introduction of new businesses.

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For Center City, the new development in the area helps fulfill a longtime goal.

"We wanted to make Amarillo a place to live, work, play, learn and worship, and this just helps in making downtown a place to play," said Beth Duke, Executive Director of Center City.

The popular way to play in Amarillo? Eating.

"If you think about it, we're all foodies and when we go out of town or we go out for the evening, it's about food and entertainment, so we know it's going to bring so many more people downtown," said Duke.

Much of that activity is right at the heart of Polk Street. At the corner of Polk and SE 7th, crews transformed a parking lot into a new building to house two downtown restaurants.

"It's a first new construction of a building on Polk Street since the 1980s and this is historic for us," said Duke.

The north end of the building is housing the newly-opened Six Car Pub and Brewery, a type of business that's trending in cities across the U.S. and is the first of its kind in downtown Amarillo.

For the owners, the location and opportunity comes with history.

"Polk Street is the commercial heart or retail heart of downtown and historically it's the commercial heart of Amarillo so to have the chance to be on Polk Street is amazing," said Colin Cummings, operations manager and part-owner of Six Car.

Crush Wine Bar is taking the south end of the building, moving just across SE 7th from their current location.

Just across the street from the new building, Polk Street Eats evolved over the past year from the Burger Bar, bringing new types of cuisine with it.

Each business and change serves as a reminder: this is just the beginning of a new story for downtown Amarillo.

"It feels like there's momentum building and I know there's a lot of effort and planning behind it but it's nice to see pieces falling into place," said Cummings.

Polk Street Eats and Six Car are already open.

According to its Facebook page, Crush is set to open its new location on Wednesday.

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