Re-striping for safety

Re-striping for safety

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee says it's making strides in their plans to re-stripe roads in the area.

The group says creating bike lanes isn't just safety for those on two wheels.

The advisory lanes can benefit those riding on four wheels as well as pedestrians.

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This board wants to gain public support so they can join the city's upcoming resurfacing of Southwest 3rd.

"They're about to re-mill that road and we'd have a chance to re-stripe it differently then the way it is currently," said Timothy Ingalls, Chairman for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee. "What's good about 3rd street is it has low traffic volumes, about 12,000 average trips per day. So, you wouldn't really have any impairment of drivers, they wouldn't be inconvenienced by it."

The committee said the key to infrastructure that works for cyclists, pedestrians and drivers is slowing down traffic.

"We've mainly been looking at the Plemons-Eakles neighborhood because a lot of the residents there feel like the car speeds are too fast there for their neighborhoods," said Ingalls. "You really need to keep car traffic speeds below about 25 MPH in those sort of denser environments."

Another goal is to revamp roads in downtown Amarillo.

"All of downtown to be two directions or maybe to tighten up some of the roads," said Ingalls. "All of the roads are looked at from how many cars can flow through. So if you think about it, you don't really want a lot of cars just flowing through downtown, you want to people to have destinations to go too where they feel safe and comfortable and can spend time and money."

They say this project comes with a two million dollar price tag but benefits everyone.

"Once you encourage pedestrian activity you actually get more business activity and the economic value of your building also increases," said Ingalls.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Committee says these projects would make traveling in Amarillo easier for those without a car and hopes the community will back these changes.

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