Cam’s Weather Corner: Staying safe in tornado weather

Cam’s Weather Corner: Staying safe in tornado weather

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - When tornadic storms are in the forecast, it is a good idea to assess your situation.

Listen to your NOAA weather radio and NewsChannel10 for the latest storm information.

Once a tornado warning is in effect for your area, be prepared to take action.

Doppler Dave spoke with us about how to make sure that you're safe even in bad weather conditions.

"First and foremost, if you live in a mobile home, it is imperative to find a stronger structure anytime the weather gets bad but especially during tornadoes," said Dave. "Keep in mind that even the weakest of tornadoes can completely annihilate a mobile home."

When it comes to staying safe during a tornado in your home, it is wise to either go to the center of your house or go underground.

A great spot to shelter during a tornado is the most interior part of your house, typically a closest or bathroom.

Be sure to have multiple walls between you and the tornado, and make sure there are no windows.

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The best chance of survival during a tornado is to be underground.

Most storm shelters fall under two categories: either above or below ground.

Above ground shelters such as concrete and steel safe rooms or underground like underground garage shelters or the classic storm cellar.

Unfortunately, it's hard to say what option is the best.

If you just built your home, then going with an underground garage shelter or add on safe room would likely be your best option.

If your house is already built and you are looking for a storm shelter, then going with an add on safe room might be your best bet.

Even though it may seem like an above ground saferoom is less safe than below ground one, there is no data that suggests that.

One thing to note is that above ground safe rooms are tested by universities such as Texas Tech to withstand the winds of an EF-5 tornado.

Also, only buy a storm shelter if it has an approval rating from the National Storm Shelter Association or NSSA.

Let's hope that we have a safe storm season.

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