Lake Meredith recreational safety as Memorial Day weekend continues

Lake Meredith recreational safety as Memorial Day weekend continues
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FRITCH, TX (KFDA) - As Memorial Day weekend continues, Lake Meredith authorities want to advise visitors to practice good safety habits.

And with an increase in traffic comes the need for an increase in awareness — whether it's on the water or on the road.

Park rangers will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints to look out for road safety violations and impaired driving in the area.

According to park ranger Carl Brenner, Memorial Day weekend is the second busiest weekend of the year at the lake.

"We'll probably have somewhere around 40,000 visitors come through and because it is going to be so busy, we want people to be safe,"  he said. "So our law enforcement rangers are going to be out there setting up some checkpoints to try to keep everybody safe, to try to keep everybody from getting hurt because somebody else has made a mistake. That's our goal."

Authorities have also lifted the lake's burn ban, meaning visitors can now have contained campfires on the lake grounds.

However, outdoor fires can still pose a risk if not handled properly.

"Be sure before you leave that that fire is out," said Brenner. "Don't leave any fires unattended. Wind can pick up and blow those sparks into the grass. Even though it's a little more wet, it can start a fire."

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Out on the lake, Texas Game Wardens can be seen patrolling and doing routine safety checks.

Game warden Lance Lindley said they're cracking down on excess alcohol consumption this holiday weekend.

"It's not illegal for the operator to be drinking, there's not an 'Open Container [law]' like there is in a car," he said. "But it is illegal for the operator to be over .08. It's a 'Boating While Intoxicated' charge and that's just like 'Driving While Intoxicated'. Same charge."

For a full list of boating safety tips, visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife website.

Game wardens will also be checking for proper boating equipment, such as life vests, fully-operable fire extinguishers, and boat registration cards.

All law enforcement at the lake believe taking precautions to be safe is the best choice to make.

"We don't want to be pulling a drowned body out of this lake, that's the worst part of our jobs," said Lindley. "So we want everybody to be safe, we want everybody to have fun, but we want them to do it in a safe manner."

"What your actions are impact more than just you," said Brenner. "It affects everybody that's around you and all the other visitors that are coming out to enjoy the lake with their family."

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