A 'tail' of new friendships: local veteran surprised with new dog after losing his in a fire

A 'tail' of new friendships: local veteran surprised with new dog after losing his in a fire
Tank getting to know his new home (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - This a 'tail' of two independent souls, recovering after losses.

Tank's owner passed away from cancer.

"Tank was my grandfather's dog and he passed away two years ago to cancer and we've had kind of a rough road to recovery," said Samantha Griffith, the granddaughter of Tank's past owner.

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Ray Murphy's dog Tippy died in a fire last fall that destroyed his home.

"After Tippy died in the fire, Ray said he didn't want another dog because he just gets too close to them," said Marjorie Radcliffe, Murphy's neighbor.

After community members helped to rebuild Murphy's home, Radcliffe knew there was one more thing still needed to make the home complete -- a new dog.

"I waited for a while," said Radcliffe. "I knew he needed another one because he loves them so much."

So she took to social media to find the perfect pup for Murphy and crossed paths with Griffith.

"I've been following Ray's story and when I felt like it was a good time, I reached out to them," said Griffith.

"It sounded like the perfect relationship because I knew Ray was going to be lonely and Tank was lonely," said Radcliffe.

The next step was to bring the idea of a new dog to Murphy.

"I called Ray and asked if he would be open and told him the story and I said, 'would you be interested?' And he said, 'well yeah,'" said Radcliffe. " I sent him a picture and he just immediately called me back and said, 'I want that dog.'"

Prepping to bring Tank to his new home, members of the community came forward to donate supplies and training.

"A lot of the rescues had been posting about it, so a few of them called me and asked if there would be any way we could help out or like to help out," said Lisa White, owner of White House Pet Supplies. "With the way the Lord has blessed us, we want to bless others as well."

With community support, a new friendship is beginning.

"They're going to be best friends, I know it. He is getting to know the house and he will absolutely warm up to Ray," said Radcliffe. "They'll be best friends. No question, no question."

Two independent souls coming together, taking the first steps to get to know each other for a long friendship ahead.

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