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Good News: Honoring our Veterans on Memorial Day

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With Memorial Day approaching, the number of veterans that served in World War 2 is rapidly diminishing. In this installment of "Good News With Doppler Dave" we have the privilege of meeting one such veteran from right here in Amarillo.

It's amazing how your day can suddenly get better just by simply being around good people. Today I met this dear couple, Charles and Teresa Sturgeon, of Amarillo. At 94, Charles is one of the few remaining prisoners of war from World War 2. 

"I was on a B-17 crew", Charles remembers. "I was on my twentieth mission. We were going over to the Seine River knocking out bridges across the Seine to keep the Germans from moving equipment out or moving in equipment. The plane was in a climb and was up at about 20,000 feet when I jumped."

Shot down behind enemy lines and injured, Charles spent almost a year in a German prisoner of war camp.

"I'm hanging there in a fence row and the Germans are hollering 'Hands up!", recalls Sturgeon. 

I asked Charles what kept him going through that time.

"I was raised in a religious family," explains Sturgeon." I think faith has a lot to do with it. I looked forward to getting home before my mother passed away.You didn't have any guarantee that you were going to get out of there because there was a time that Hitler wanted to empty those prison camps and we were aware of that."

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And, like most heroes, Charles is not looking for special attention.

"I don't feel like anyone owes me anything", according to Charles. "I'm surprised they even notice a POW."

Charles' wife Teresa reflects on the memories of the event and Memorial Day:

"They (people of America) should focus on prayer to change the world back to where it belongs", Teresa shares.

"Charles, on behalf of myself and everyone at NewsChannel10, and a lot of our viewers out there - can I just personally thank you for your service during World War 2."

Voices from the past - we won't have those much longer from World War 2, but the liberties and freedoms that stem from the memories shared today we will continue to enjoy.

Now that's some good news! 

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