Grant allows Bethesda Outreach Center to better serve immigrant population

Grant allows Bethesda Outreach Center to better serve immigrant population

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Culturally relevant foods will soon be served at an outreach center on the northeast side of Amarillo thanks to a grant by Tyson.

Starting next weekend, Bethesda Outreach Center will be serving a selection of ethnic foods the first Saturday of every month.

This is due to the over $54,000 donation Tyson gave to the High Plains Food Bank, a partner to the Bethesda Outreach Center.

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"This will allow us to better serve the immigrant populations," said Emily Bell of the High Plains Food Bank. "And those who are simply fighting food insecurity, as we call it."

The culturally relevant boxes will include about seven pounds of produce, eight pounds of protein and about eight pounds shelf stable items.

They will have foods such as jasmine rice, pinto beans, egg noodles, sardines in brine, chunk light chicken in water, and peanut butter.

"We know it will  be a food item that will be valued and that the family will want to cook, want to eat," said Bell. "We want to give a gift, we just want it to be the right gift inside these food boxes."

By next year, the High Plains Food Bank hopes to serve an additional average of 300 people that live in the neighborhoods around the Tyson Plant, many of whom are immigrants.

The first distribution will be held June 2nd from 10:00 in the morning to Noon at the Bethesda Outreach Center on Fritch Highway.

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