From The Vineyards to the Trails at Tascosa: northwest Amarillo is seeing new development

From The Vineyards to the Trails at Tascosa: northwest Amarillo is seeing new development
The Trails at Tascosa (Source: KFDA)
The Vineyards (Source: KFDA)
The Vineyards (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - New homes are in the works as northwest Amarillo sees new development in the area.

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While one existing subdivision is expanding, another project is digging up the dirt on land that once belonged to a late Amarillo billionaire.

"This was, as I understand it, the original Bush family ranch headquarters," said John Dunn, managing partner of Tascosa Development Company and Tascosa Golf Club.

Later passed down to descendant Wendy Marsh and her husband, Stanley Marsh 3, the land near Western and Amarillo Boulevard eventually became Toad Hall. Last year, it was bought by the Tascosa Development Company.

Now, becoming the Trails at Tascosa, the land will include a variety of residential developments, from small patio homes to large estates, and will even include homes and amenities for young families, like lakes and walking trails.

"A playground here on the north end of the park for kids that we think will be very unique," said Dunn.

Dunn is optimistic about future development in the northwest area.

"I think northwest Amarillo has a great future," said Dunn. "The Loop that goes around northwest Amarillo is pretty ambitious. I think there's a reason for that, in terms of the topography of the land, it's far more interesting than it is to the southwest."

Just south of the northwest Loop, The Vineyards are expanding beyond their current home plans, with condominiums expected to begin construction later this year.

"We're going to have 200 condo units, true condos, stacked units," said Tommy Nielsen, president of The Vineyards and Nielsen Communities. "So they're going to be gated, garage ports, pool, rec room."

Nielsen also cites northwest Amarillo's land as a selling point for development.

"The topography we really liked. There's some natural undulations and hills and slopes and valleys so it was a good mix for us and allows us to do what we want developmentally," said Nielsen.

As for the Trails at Tascosa, as they develop, they kept a little piece of the previous owner behind.

"Stanley Marsh put a large sign on the highest point of the property that just said actual size," said Dunn. "Contractors who are building the park for us used the letters to replace 'actual size' with 'trails' which is now a marketing piece for us at the high point."

The new properties at both projects will likely not see tenants until early next year.

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