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Hutchinson County receives new dispatch system to help response time


Hutchinson County has a new emergency dispatch system that officials hope will make response time faster and more efficient.

Medical, Fire and Police Priority Dispatch System, as it's called, prioritizes emergency calls. Most importantly, it shows dispatchers a list of questions to ask the caller with the hope that first responders will have the latest, detailed information when they arrive on scene.

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"In the heat of the moment when somebody's on the phone, you're trying to get first responders out." said Municipal Court Judge Anthony Griffin. "This [system] is so they don't miss any of the vital questions."

The questions are detailed and specific to each emergency scenario, such as a description of a suspect.

"For the most part, we asked some of the same questions," said Senior Dispatcher Caundra Phillips. "But not in that particular manner or order."

After the dispatcher questions the caller, he or she sends the report directly to the first responder.

"Our officers are pretty excited," said Borger Police Assistant Chief Brandon Strope. "They're hopeful that this new software will give our dispatchers the tools through a nationally recognized, best practices, a tiers stepped importance of what's going on, and the pertinent vital information that they need in the field as soon as possible."

The system cost the county over $145,000.

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