Amarillo firefighters honored as 'First Responders of the Month'

Amarillo firefighters honored as 'First Responders of the Month'
Firefighters Jeff Justus and Capt. Larry Davis honored during the May Welcome Pardner breakfast (Source: KFDA)

Two Amarillo firefighters were given a special honor over breakfast.

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During the May Welcome Pardner networking breakfast, firefighter Jeff Justus was nominated as the First Responder of the Month by fellow Amarillo Fire Department firefighter Captain Larry Davis.

However, Welcome Pardner surprised Capt. Davis by honoring him, as well.

"I really was not expecting it. I thought we were just here to honor another firefighter. It's really been nice," said Davis. "We don't look for this, we don't look for recognition. This is what we signed up to do, but it is very special. It's very nice when they honor us. It makes us aware that the public knows what we go through and they appreciate it."

In addition to the first responders, Welcome Pardner also honored local non-profits and businesses in the area. The next networking breakfast is scheduled for June.

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