Sheriff: Watch out for farm equipment theft in Deaf Smith County

Sheriff: Watch out for farm equipment theft in Deaf Smith County

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Deaf Smith County Sheriff's Office is asking residents to keep an eye on their farming property.n theft.

In the past week, there have been two cases of large items being stolen.

Items at risk include welding trailers and four wheelers.

Sheriff J. Dale Butler said the increase in thefts was unexpected.

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"Six or seven years ago we noticed a lot of theft off farm and barns where they were taking tools, four wheelers, such as that," said Sheriff Butler.. "We've gotten that handled and rocked along the past couple years where there hasn't been many at all. This past week or so we've noticed an up tick to where we've seen a couple more like welders, cutting torches and four wheelers being taken."

Crime such as this is unusual, so the recent spike has the department bringing attention to farm equipment theft, especially since Deaf Smith County is largely a farming community.

"This community is based on agriculture," said Sheriff Butler. "When they're taken from the farmer, you've got to realize these are high dollar investments that can impact the farmer because if you got to buy a welder, a trailer, that can be 10, 15, 20 thousand dollars, depending on what you have on your trailer."

The sheriff wants residents to take note of their property and record any serial numbers in case they need to file a police report.

"Just keep your head on a swivel," said Sheriff Butler. "Look out for someone who doesn't belong, a pickup that doesn't belong, on your place, a neighbors place, and if you see something out of the sorts, call us; we'll come talk to them."

If you see any suspicious activity on your property, call the Deaf Smith County Sheriff's Office at (806) 364-2311.

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