Canyon proposes automated water meter upgrades

Canyon proposes automated water meter upgrades
Source: KFDA

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - The newest technology in water meters could help advance the efficiency of Canyon's Public Works Department.

Canyon city officials say new automated technology for water meters would upgrade the system while eliminating inaccurate reads.

Since 1991, Canyon has been looking into this technology.

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This proposed $1.6 million project would automate 3,000 out of the 5,000 meters in the city.

The remaining 2,000 meters run on 'radio reads,' or meters that can be read remotely through a fixed collector.

Currently, employees spend about 2,000 hours yearly handling two-thirds of the system.

"They're manually reading the meter, looking in the meter box, opening the lid, taking the reading off the dial, then entering that into these handheld data collectors," explained Dan Reese, Director of Public Works for the City of Canyon.

Reese says the automated process would increase efficiency by allowing employees to use a computer to view all meter readings instead of visiting the meters three days a month.

"They call it a fixed network system where all  the information, all the data from the meters go to a fixed spot, one central location," said Reese.

The infrastructure is already in place to make it a simple switch to the proposed fixed network.

This central location also benefits the customer by creating a web portal that gives them access to their data and lets them quickly find leaks or monitor a drought contingency plan.

"That's basically a website where all our customers can go online and look at their water usage look at their water bills," said Reese. "It can help them plan their budget. They can set their own alerts when they get to a certain water use they can send out an alarm or a flag, so they can know where they're at."

The Public Works Department said if the City of Canyon decides to take action on this popular meter technology, the goal is to have a project underway within the next year.

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