Taking a 'turn' toward growth: Turn Center preparing for $3 million expansion to double in size

Taking a 'turn' toward growth: Turn Center preparing for $3 million expansion to double in size
Turn Center expansion mock-ups (Source: KFDA)
Turn Center expansion blueprints (Source: KFDA)
Turn Center expansion blueprints (Source: KFDA)
Turn Center (Source: KFDA)
Turn Center (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Turn Center in Amarillo has provided physical, occupational and speech therapy to thousands of the Panhandle's children over the past eight years.

However, with a growth in children receiving therapy, there is a growing need for more space.

"We've experienced a 10-percent growth annually over the past five years, so we definitely need more space," said Carolina Walden, Director of Development at the Turn Center.

That needed space hasn't come since the Turn Center opened in 2010.

"We haven't added one inch of space in that time," said Bruce Moseley, Executive Director of the Turn Center.

For the non-profit which relies on public funds, a costly $3 million expansion will come at the hands of donors, grants and more. Luckily the clinic is one step closer to making that expansion a reality.

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"We're really excited to announce that we've raised half of the money that we're going to need to double our space here at the Turn Center," said Moseley.

In order to break ground, however, the Turn Center will still need to raise about $1.5 million through grants, foundations and public funding. To make a donation to the Turn Center, visit their website.

The expansion will affect everyone, from the children to the staff.

"We will have more space to do therapy. We will also be able to offer space for adaptive sports in our new gym," said Walden. "Our therapists will have more room to do their administrative tasks. We're really excited about this addition."

The project will likely be completed in three phases.

"If a couple of grants come through, which we're really hopeful they'll come through, we could potentially break ground this year on the gym," said Moseley.

The 12,000 square foot expansion will include a gym and basketball court, as well as an adaptive sports practice facility with everything from soccer to tennis to bowling and more.

"It will also be a place for our adaptive sports teams to practice," said Moseley. "We have a Special Olympics delegation and we're looking at some other options for kids to play sports."

They will also add a three-story expansion along the back for administrative offices to give staff a place to work outside of the therapy rooms.

Among the 2,500 square feet in renovations, they will expand and update the waiting area, including a separate sensory-friendly waiting room, expand the kitchen for feeding therapy and nutrition counseling and add an area for mental health counseling and social work services, which is a new addition to services provided.

"We're going to have an expanded waiting room and lobby which we desperately need. The children and families are kind of on top of themselves in the waiting room right now in our peak times in the afternoons after school," said Moseley. "We'll have a three-times-larger lobby and we're also adding some offices for counseling and social work, which are some new services that we've recently added."

Moseley says the expansion wouldn't be possible without the community's support.

"We're only able to grow the way we've been able to grow because of our community's love and support and we're so grateful for the Amarillo and Panhandle community for continuing to step up to help these children with special needs and disabilities get the therapy that they need," said Moseley.

That therapy can continue, with every dollar donated going a long way at the Turn Center.

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