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Coffee Memorial Blood Center needs 'constant flow of donors' to combat shortage

Eric Haley donates much needed O- blood at Coffee Memorial Blood Center Eric Haley donates much needed O- blood at Coffee Memorial Blood Center

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center is experiencing a blood donation shortage and they're asking for your help.

The shortage was highlighted when the center was unable to fulfill a recent request to help the Santa Fe shooting victims.

After the shooting at Santa Fe High School, Blood Centers of America reached out to Coffee Memorial and for 40 units of blood to aid the victims. Coffee Memorial was only able to send five. 

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The center says this is an example of why a constant flow of donors is needed. 

"One thing that we need to take note, which happens every time in a crisis such as this, is it's not the blood donated on that day the helps saves lives," said Suzanne Taley of Coffee Memorial. "It's the blood that was already on the shelf that was processed and stored and tested, that was donated a week ago or two weeks ago. That's the blood that saved those lives immediately. So we always need to make sure we have a stable flow."

Coffee Memorial has been in need for 0-Negative blood for quite sometime. 

"We've been on a need for 0-Negative for about three weeks now just to meet our own needs here," said Taley. 

This isn't the first time tragedy has struck and the importance of prior donorship was highlighted. 

"Such as the Las Vegas shooting, we saw a documentary at a workshop I was just in. It was the blood that was donated three or four weeks before that saved the lives of those patients in that tragedy," said Taley. "We watched an interview that they spoke to a gentleman who donated three or four weeks prior and their blood saved a life."

Eric Haley is 0-Negative and donates several times a year.

"Encouraging people to come in on a regular basis so that, because you never know when an emergency will come up, so the more of a supply is better for everybody," said Haley.

Coffee Memorial is offering an incentive to donate blood tomorrow. The center is holding a scholarship sweepstakes where two lucky donors will receive one of two scholarships. 

To schedule an appointment, call 368-4563

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