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Homeless Heroes Cook-off and Bike Run raises money for local homeless veterans

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Classic Home Team at Keller Williams joined the Veteran Resource Center to host the Homeless Heroes Cook-off and Bike Run.

This is their first event that's getting the community involved in supporting who served our country.

Owner and team leader of the real estate group, Tiffaney Belflower, said they have a heart for housing local veterans.

"We have a strong passion for our veterans," she said. "We come from military backgrounds as far as our parents, grandparents and things like that so we kind of want to give back to them so on all of our listing discounts, we always give back to our veterans so instead of just putting more money in their pocket, we also want to do community events to benefit them as well."

The event welcomed Amarillo residents and their families to enjoy a cooking contest with live music as well as a silent auction, t-shirt sales and much more.

Members of the biker community even participated in a poker bike run.

"We wouldn't have what we have if they didn't do what they did," said Belflower. "We wouldn't get to live the lives that we live if they didn't risk theirs every single day for us. And so we need to show that gratitude and appreciation."

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Those who are veterans themselves, such as Navigator with the Veteran Resource Center, Randy Willmon, said they feel an obligation to help their fellow service members.

"We owe it to them to make sure that we get them the best care now that they've transitioned out of the military to better integrate back into society," he said. "We help one person out and they become very motivated to help other people out and next thing you know we have a network of people and truly we are leaving no one behind."

Find out how you can get involved with the Veteran Resource Center.

The fundraiser will help fill the gap for things the Veteran Resource Center needs to get veterans back on their feet.

"It's gonna help us to get things that aren't covered under our grants that we work under and help our homeless veterans," said Willmon. "You know, we can help them get the houses but, you know, that's missing a lot. That's just four walls and a ceiling and they're out of the elements but, you know, they still need pots, pans, personal hygiene items, towels, furniture and this is going to help us provide that for them."

Classic Home Team plans on making the cook-off and bike run an annual event.

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