Cactus Police Dept. swears in 10-year-old with terminal cancer

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CACTUS, TX (KFDA) - Kaitlyn DeLeon was sworn in as an honorary member of the Cactus Police Department this afternoon.

Area law enforcement and city officials welcomed her in with an official ceremony, and even gave her a taste of what it's like to wear the badge.

She's little girl with big dreams, and one of those dreams is to be a police officer.

"I like that you can catch bad people and that there's dogs involved," she said.

Her mom, Minerva DeLeon, said that dream was realized thanks to the community and her aunt who serves with the Cactus Police Department.

"She always looked up at cops as a very fascinating career that she wanted to be when she grew up so seeing her sworn today was such an honor," she said. "So many thoughts went through my mind. I was thanking God for this moment because I see my child and I see so much love and I'm thankful for this day."

A day Kaitlyn's family thought would never come. She is living with a soft tissue tumor in her skull that has caused her to be blind in her right eye.

And that's not all --- this March, doctors found another tumor on the left side.

Her mother said they recently received news no parent ever expects: Her illness has become terminal.

"We never knew what was going to be the outcome but we never lost our hope and our faith that our child would one day be cancer free," said DeLeon.

"The doctors have given me very little time to live, but it's not the doctor's choice how much time I have, either a week or a month, it all depends on what God wants," said Kaitlyn.

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Cactus City Manager Aldo Gallegos took the lead in putting together Kaitlyn's swearing in ceremony, which involved law enforcement from the Cactus and Dumas Police Departments as well as the Moore County Sheriff's Office.

"It shows a lot that they all stood behind a ceremony like this for Kaitlyn," he said. "And it just shows the solidarity between all these departments, especially during [National Police Week] that they all get together for a cause as noble as this."

Kaitlyn's aunt, Cynthia Ritchie with the Cactus Police Department said she appreciates the community rallying together for Kaitlyn.

"I have learned with them that it's family. Family comes first and they have shown that," she said. "I expressed what was going on with my chief and Aldo as the City Manager right away with all his heart, he opened the discussion for us all to come together and do this and this is why all this came together like this, just wonderful and beautifully."

As Kaitlyn continues to be strong in the fight against her illness, her family said they'll continue to pray for a miracle and remain hopeful that one day she will make a full recovery.

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