Out with the old, in with the new: Big changes coming to the former Chase Tower in downtown Amarillo

Out with the old, in with the new: Big changes coming to the former Chase Tower in downtown Amarillo
Chase Tower (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Whether you still call it the Chase Tower, the Amarillo Tower or another name, you likely recognize the 31-floor building, standing as the tallest amongst Amarillo's skyline in an ever-changing downtown.

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"I think it's all good what's happening downtown. I think it helps our entire city," said Aaron Emerson, leasing agent for the building, with Gaut Whittenburg Emerson Commercial Real Estate. "What's going on in the tower, it just compliments what's going on."

Even with some of the big-name tenants that have left in recent years, more are going into their place.

"Since Xcel vacated the building this past summer, we have added 58 new tenants to the building. I think there was – ballpark – 65 tenants existing at that time. We've almost doubled the number of tenants," said Emerson.

With each change within comes a new change to the building's facade, shown from the signage out front.

Just announced today, another top tenant, the Amarillo Club, is closing its doors for good. In a statement to NewsChannel 10, Emerson says the club has decided to dissolve, and their plan is to use part of the space on the 31st floor to create a dining experience open to the public.

Also new to the tower are commercial building permits for the 22nd and 23rd floors, approving $300,000 in alterations.

"We're building out spec floors so there's no specific tenant in mind," said Emerson. "So we'll build out the entire floor with a hallway down the middle where you can split the space. So if a tenant comes along that wants a thousand square feet, we can just cut a thousand square feet out of it. It's already finished."
As for that name at the top of the tower, no business has officially snagged that title just yet.

"Old habits die hard," said Emerson. "I think any company would love to have their name at the top of the building. It just has to make sense."

This opens the possibility in the near-future of a namesake for new tenants of the tower.

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