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Amarillo drivers can expect delays as Summer construction begins

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Some of Amarillo's busiest streets will be under construction as we enter the summer months.

Bell Street from 34th to Hillside, Western Street from I-27 to Arden Road, and Third Avenue from Adams Street to Grant Street will be getting an updated look this summer.

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City council awarded a contract for $1.7 million, funded from the 2017 bond election, to LA Fuller and Sons to begin milling and overlaying the streets. 

"Basically mill off the surface material, the hot mix material on the top," said Kyle Schniederjan, City Engineer for the city of Amarillo. "It's a really big rototiller that runs down the road and takes the surface material off. It'll leave a grooved surface down the roadway."

After the first phase is done, the lanes being worked on could re-open for traffic until the next phase.

"Ultimately a new surface is placed back over the entire roadway," said Schniederjan. "It brings back those good ride quality characteristics and adding to the longevity of the whole streets."

The contractor will begin resurfacing the roads at the start of summer in what the city calls a "moving project" that's expected to be done in September of 2018. 

"They will never be completely closed," said Schniederjan. "There will absolutely be construction taking place in the roadway, but we'll maintain at least one lane of traffic in both directions at all times."

"The contractor will come in and mill one street," said Schniederjan.  "He is allowed to go and start the milling operation on the next street but he has to be under operation on the paving portion of the first street. It really will be kind of a leap-frog."

The city engineer said maintaining the road now avoids a more costly expense to replace it in the future.

"We want to do these routine maintenance projects, be diligent with tax dollars and have a good product," said Schniederjan.

The city hopes the projects can be as least disruptive as possible.

"Roadway construction is disruptive," said Schniederjan. "It just is, but the benefits that we get are the amenities of finished street and the things that that provides to us. Obviously the commerce, being able to move around efficiently in our community, not hitting a pothole not having those depressions."

The city will hold a public meeting to inform people in the area of this upcoming construction and will be posting updates on social media.

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