Amarillo City Council signs off on upgraded APD tasers

Amarillo City Council signs off on upgraded APD tasers

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Amarillo Police Department will be receiving new high-tech tasers thanks to the Amarillo City Council's unanimous decision tonight.

"The new tasers are called the X-2," said Carla Burr of the Amarillo Police Department. "They're better. They're safer. They're more updated."

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The new tasers are worth over $180 thousand, and have two cartridges and a chip the prevents accidental discharge.

"With these new ones there's actually a chip inside them that has to be activated by turning it on," said Burr. "That's what makes them go so they can't just go off. So that's safer for every body involved."

It also as monitors voltage, making it safer for both suspects and officers.

"The other things that make these better is they actually read the electricity that is being put into the person, that is if someone is shot with it," said Burr. " And can lower it if it's being effective. Anytime we have to use force on a person we want to use the least amount of force that's affective."

The APD says the tasers would first be distributed to patrol officers and school liasons

"They're the ones who are most likely to be in a forced situation where they have to use force on someone, and so we want them to have the best tools they can use," said Burr. "It's protecting them and the public they're encountering."

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