APD getting new space pending city council approval

APD getting new space pending city council approval
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Amarillo Police Department could soon have a new space to continue to protect and serve.

Pending city council approval of a contractor tomorrow evening, construction can begin on renovating a building for police use that's directly north of the current Amarillo Police Department.

The renovated building and added parking lot with about 110 spaces will be provided to the department through the bond that passed in 2017.

It will cost about $1.7 million.

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"This is needed for the police department for the security and transfer of goods to the patrol car from actual structure," said Jerry Danforth, Director of Facilties for the city of Amarillo. "The project is the rehabilitation of the parking areas which is here, here and here. Also, the rehab of the structure itself."

The building is one of the first views the public sees driving into downtown from the north.

Currently, it's blue.

Once completed the building will match the color of APD's headquarters while providing some curb appeal.

"It will be behind a six and a half foot tall fence that's got textured finished to it so it makes it attractive to the downtown area," said Danforth. "We're going to do street scape around the perimeter of the parking and the building. So you're going to start seeing the trees show up there, the downtown standard lights show up there."
If city council awards the contract to Panhandle Steel Building, the project will take about six months to complete and can begin in about three to four weeks.

The building will also be getting some tech upgrades.

"We're also doing some enhanced security inside the perimeter with video monitoring of the entire perimeter of the facility," said Danforth. "There's also some new IT features that are coming into this project that allows the police department to wirelessly download information.

The city said the new building will serve both the police and the public.

"We're picking up the security to provide PD with what they need to do their job properly but we're enhancing the view for the public," said Danforth. "It's one of those things that we can do to provide a win-win for both the public and public safety."

Amarillo City Council will vote on this contract at Tuesday night's meeting.

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