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Judge rules man accused of aggravated kidnapping at Faith City Mission to move to state mental hospital

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Court documents filed today show a state judge ruled the man accused of at least six aggravated kidnappings at Faith City Mission needs to move to a state mental hospital.

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The finding says both the prosecution and court-appointed attorney for 35-year-old Joshua Jones asked for the ruling after a mental health evaluation. 

Jones is to spend up to 120 days in treatment to be followed by another evaluation to find out whether he can effectively participate in his defense against the charges. 

He has written multiple letters to the State District Judge Don Emerson arguing that he has inadequate legal representation and complaining about conditions in jail. He requested things like money from disability payments, a copy machine and a law library to develop his defense.

"I was 1st treated at 12 years old in a galveston (sic) Hospital After Being Bullied for years in school, (for) wetting my pants then for being fat...."

"Since my youth I have been socialy (sic) isolated by my psyclolgical (sic) state. Having only 3-5 real friends in my entire life. Due to this disability my due process and fair trial right and liberties even by common law are not on par with other defendant- suspect - detainee."

Police say he held dozens of people in the Faith City chapel in February. A man took Jones' handgun and was mistakenly shot by police as people fled the chapel.

A grand jury has since cleared the officers of any criminal conduct. 

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