Rising from the ashes: Community rallies behind dozens of residents displaced in apartment fire

Rising from the ashes: Community rallies behind dozens of residents displaced in apartment fire
Clovis Apartments building six (Source: KFDA)

CLOVIS, N.M. (KFDA) - A fire on Monday has temporarily left 46 people without a home at the Clovis Apartments in Eastern New Mexico.

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Many of those affected are children.

"We had a total of 46 affected individuals," said Dan Heerding, Emergency Management Director for the City of Clovis and Curry County. "I would say 85 to 90 percent of them were children. A lot of multiple-kid households with single parents."

While a majority may soon be allowed back into their units, four families will likely need a place to stay for the long-term.

"We're hoping to have eight of the units, eight of the 12 units back in service today," said Heerding. "We're looking at some long-term sheltering for four families due to the extensive damage of the apartments."

In the days following the fire, members of the community from all over Clovis are finding ways to help those affected.

From temporary shelter to resources for school-age children and more, many are providing help for the families.

"The management agency for the Clovis Apartments provided lodging for six, seven families to stay the night that didn't have anywhere else to go," said Heerding. "The school district, they're arranging transportation through their family services and their transportation unit. They're helping with counseling if they need it."

The United Way of Eastern New Mexico has set up an online donation link for those who wish to make a monetary donation.

The Matt 25 Hope Center in Clovis is serving as a primary location to take in physical donations from the community.

"We're a great central point for people to donate things, whether it's food or clothing or furniture needs or household goods, as we find out exactly what we need," said Steve Reshetar, Executive Director of the Matt 25 Hope Center.

Local leaders say the community support has been overwhelming to see in action.

"It's wonderful to see," said Reshetar. "We have a great group of people in this community that come together whenever something bad or tragic happens in the community."

With that community support, the residents of building six can continue to rebuild their lives out of the ashes of the fire.

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