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Outpouring of support for Sunray Volunteer Fire Dept. comes during a rough fire season

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Sunray firefighters received multiple donations over the last few weeks, including more than $1,000 in monetary donations and items they say will be useful to them while working the front lines.

Firefighter and Vice President of the fire department Devin Roberts said donations are coming in at a time they need it the most.

"Just the numerous runs that we've been on, it's been a pretty busy fire season as you guys have seen and it's definitely pushed a lot of equipment and resources to the limit," he said.

Snacks and bottled water were donated by the load from a variety of area businesses as well as from community members in Sunray, Dumas and other surrounding communities.

The first responders said these items will come in handy for the long hours they can spend fighting fires.

"Baby wipes for cleaning up on scene, saline for eye drops and stuff like that and bandanas and chapstick, which is really a lifesaver out there when it can get really dry, really hot and real windy," said Roberts.

The fire department will begin selling tickets for a gun raffle tomorrow. Find out how you can be a part of the fundraiser.

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Being volunteer firefighters, supplies can be hard to come by.

Roberts said every box donated reminds them just how important it is to serve their community.

"Sunray is a good community and they come together when you need them and even when you don't feel like you need them," he said. "They still come together and they support everybody that's involved in town, so we're truly grateful for that."

Sunray firefighters hope residents in other communities will step up to donate to their local fire departments.

Not just during fire season, but year round.

Firefighter James Walker said it's an honor to serve the people of Sunray.

"We're here 24/7 just if somebody needs something, we're gonna show up," he said.

President and firefighter of the volunteer fire department Kory Rogers believes it makes the job a lot easier when the community has your back.

"A huge thanks and appreciate the support. Love you guys."

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