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Borger Fire Department spreading fire safety and preparedness tips to the community

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In honor of National Wildfire Preparedness Day, some Borger families had the opportunity to tour the station and see what it takes for firefighters to tackle anything from home fires to wildland fires.

Borger firefighters say this is a great way to bridge the gap between them and the community they serve.

Firefighter Carlos Cruz said there's more to firefighting than what meets the eye.

"It's good to have these tours so we can go more into depth on what we do," he said. "You know, people see movies and they think you just, you know, put the water on the fire and it's out but, you know, there's a lot of tactics and, you know, you have to do a lot of training."

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Borger residents of all ages came to the fire department not only to learn about fire safety, but also to show support for their local first responders.

Longtime Borger resident Lita Lenderman said she appreciates firefighters helping out the elder community.

"Elderly people are always needing help and the firefighters are always here to help them," she said. "Open the doors, break the doors down. Anything, any distress, they're there to revive them, to give them life. To protect them. Thank God for the firefighters, for all our responders. Everyone that volunteers."

Kids experienced what it's like to be a firefighter and what to do in the event of a fire in the kitchen or bedroom.

Something firefighter Bobby Mendoza believes will help them in the long run.

"The sooner we can teach the kids and the public, the more they're aware of it and what to do in a situation so they don't panic and they know what to expect. It would help us out and will help them out as well."

Borger fire officials said when it comes to wildfires in the area, we're still not out of the woods.

They advise residents to prepare by continuing to obey burn bans, and in the case of an evacuation, prepare a 'go-bag' for your family.

"It'd be nice to have a backpack ready just in case you have to go, you know, just have your essentials in case you have to stay overnight, you know, your chargers, some extra clothes. Stuff like that especially for the kiddos," said Cruz.

The Borger Fire Department wants residents to know that their doors will always be open for tours and any additional information on fire safety.

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