Business over breakfast: Women coming together to discuss business in Canyon

Business over breakfast: Women coming together to discuss business in Canyon
Canyon Women in Business Breakfast (Source: KFDA)

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - Going beyond their storefronts, business leaders in Canyon are coming together as a community over breakfast.

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The female leaders of business in the city are joining as one with monthly 'Women in Business' breakfasts designed to bring these community leaders together.

"It's a chance for everyone to network with each other and maybe if you're new to town with a new business, this is a great place to start," said Roger Remlinger, Executive Director of the Canyon Chamber of Commerce.

For the Canyon Chamber of Commerce, the event comes in perfect timing as the city's development grows.

"Our downtown square has grown quite a bit in the last year with the addition of three or four new restaurants and obviously some other projects that are going on here in town for the future, so Canyon is a growing place right now and we couldn't be more excited for our progress," said Remlinger.

Going beyond their businesses, local leaders are encouraged to work together with events like this one, further developing relationships and opening up new opportunities in the city.

"It's important as women and people, in general, to just support each other and encourage everyone to do their best and just to reconnect and build relationships," said Leslie Massey of Farmers Insurance, this month's sponsor.

"When you have a program where you can actually learn something that is applicable to both your personal life as well as your business life, I think people walk away, going, 'yes, finally, I can do something with this,'" said Jody Holland, owner of Jody Holland Training and Speaking, serving as this month's motivational speaker and guest.

Holland notes while connecting, networking and relationships are good results of events like this, other lessons in life and business can also come of them.

"We learn things each month that make our business life and personal life easier and operate more smoothly," said Holland.

The next Women in Business breakfast in Canyon is scheduled for Wednesday, June 6.

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