Small business owners: burglaries are a common problem

Small business owners: burglaries are a common problem

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Businesses in downtown Amarillo say they're being affected by a string of burglaries.

These small business owners want thieves to know when they burglarize their business, they're messing with the livelihood of themselves and the families of those who they employ.

Monday night, Wellborn Sign on 10th and Johnson said a witness thwarted a potential burglary, but this crime has become something the shop has experienced too often.

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"I've been hit 60 times with total losses of over $120,000," said Michael Wellborn, President and CEO of Wellborn Sign Co. "Vandalism, stolen tools, stolen welders, cutting the fence. In the last three weeks, we've been hit every week. We're still a small business, every dime counts."

The person who witnessed the incident at Wellborn's said they also own a business in the vicinity that has been affected.

"Weekly something is missing. It keeps us from giving raises and bonuses and things that our employees need," said this business owner. "We can't afford health insurance. There's a number of items that we can't give them because we can't afford to. We're replacing things and it's just a no-win situation."

Another business hit said they turned to social media to find the culprit.

"My son put the video on Facebook, and wanted to know if anybody knew those people," said Joey Adams of A-Team Rentals. "The next day we knew who it was."

The owners said it's more than the monetary value that these crimes are taking from them.

"I employ 45 families, this is my family," said Wellborn. "It'd be real easy just to have a job where I just made money from myself. But I'm supporting a lot of families."

While the other owners don't know an exact solution, they say a heavier police patrol in the area could be helpful.

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