Robocall rampage: How you can block them

Robocall rampage: How you can block them
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo is one of the hardest hit cities in Texas by everyone's least favorite phone call - the robocall.

Last month alone, scam numbers called the 806 area code numbers 4.6 million times, dialing almost one million people.

The average person with an 806 area code receives anywhere from five to seven calls weekly according to a new report by YouMail, a private telecom company.

Not only can phone calls come in at any time, scammers have found tricky ways to target people.

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"One time my dad called me and said, 'Hey, it says I'm calling myself. What do I do?'. I said it's just somebody trying to get you," said Tyler Andrews of Andrews and Associates, a technology consulting firm in Amarillo. "Leave it to voicemail, don't worry about it, don't try to call it back. Just delete it."

Experts suggest letting it go to voicemail and said if it's important someone will leave you a message.

If you do answer, they warn of becoming part of a bigger scam.

"Hello this is Tyler. They're recording that and can later use that to say you signed up for something," said Andrews. "They can change the recording that makes it sounds like you agreed to something."

If letting it go to voicemail isn't an option, a new app recognized by the FCC is hoping to stop these scammers.

It's called RoboKiller and promises to block many of your unwanted calls.

It has over 100,000 phone numbers in its database and blocks them before your phone even rings.

The app isn't just blocking calls.

A feature called Answerbot lets people get revenge on scammers by choosing a bot that can interactively respond in a sarcastic manner.

Using that tool, some robocallers have stayed on the line for more than 40 minutes which the company says keeps scammers from calling new victims.

You can also report these scam calls to the FCC and check with your cellular provider about any apps they may have to help you detect and prevent these invasive calls.

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