Offenders and employees alike benefit from Moore County Community Service Program

Offenders and employees alike benefit from Moore County Community Service Program

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - According to officials, the Moore County Community Service Program has saved more than $300,000 dollars for the county.

Saving money that would have gone to various community projects is only one of the reasons county employees said the program is a success.

"The whole idea is you broke the law, but not in a way that it can't be handled," said County Court Judge Rowdy Rhoades.

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The program allows non-violent misdemeanor offenders to serve community service instead of time behind bars.

Officials said this helps not crowd jails, provides extra hands for city help and saves the county money.

"Not only do they save us money by not having them in jail, these people really do help us," said Judge Rhoades.

R.J. Trujillo, one of the supervisors of the program, said the offenders see a positive impact as well.

"A lot of them come in with a real positive attitude, ready to work," said Trujillo. "All in all it's a really good program and they're just excited to be here."

One of the places that those in the program work is at Moore County Airport.

"We use the community service program here at Moore County a lot.," said Brandon Cox of the Moore County Airport. "We have different events at the airport. We'll need to clean up the airport, have them clean the office. A lot of them have families and numerous of them have said that they'd rather do this, and see their families at night, rather than going to jail."

There have been 340 people who have gone through the program.

Currently, there are no members.

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