Saying 'thank you': Starlight Ranch honors local first responders with a free night out

Saying 'thank you': Starlight Ranch honors local first responders with a free night out
Starlight Ranch (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Starlight Ranch is honoring local first responders with a special event ahead of their summer season.

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"This is our way of saying thank you for serving the community, taking care of us," said Bobby Lee, co-owner of the Big Texan and Starlight Ranch.

Local first responders were treated to a night out with their families at Starlight Ranch as a 'thank you' for their hard work serving the community.

"It's something some of these officers and first responders never get a chance to hear so it's our opportunity to say thank you, thank you so much," said Lee.

The Texas Panhandle 100 Club, which provides immediate assistance to the family of a first responder killed or seriously injured in the line of duty, says the event is a good showing of the community united.

"A good showing of the Texas Panhandle coming together," said Dirk Swope the Executive Director of the Texas Panhandle 100 Club. "I think local businesses supporting the people who are taking care of the wildfires and taking care of all the different things that go on to make a civil society work. Local businesses like the Big Texan and Starlight Ranch coming together to do that, we're very fortunate to live in the community that we do."

For Starlight Ranch, the event was an honor to put on.

"It's an honor. It's an honor to do that because I'll tell you what. If I was ever in need, these people would be there for us," said Lee. "These people really deserve it. The work they put in, the hours, the stress level they go through and putting their lives at risk for us. What a great thing. It's easy to say thank you to these people."

Starlight Ranch officially kicks off the summer season on Friday, May 4 with a Cinco De Mayo Fajita Festival.

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