Chuck Slaughter's fencing legacy lives on through his students

Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - When you're gone, the legacy you leave behind is how your story will be told.

Ask anyone about Chuck Slaughter and you'll find out there's two things he loved: fencing and impacting the lives of youth.

"Chuck loved kids. He was a prosecutor; he prosecuted crimes against children," said Gayle Slaughter, Chuck's wife. "He worked closely with The Bridge Children's Advocacy Center and he loved coaching kids. He worked closely with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts with our son, then got started fencing when our son was 15."

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Five years after Chuck and his son started fencing, he decided to become an official Olympic coach.

"He led one of the members to a gold medal and became recognized as the coach of the year for volunteering as a coach. " said Kala Simpson, with the Amarillo Competitive Fencing Association. "He never accepted any money, it was just the love he had in his heart."

Over the weekend, the Amarillo Competitive Fencing Association and the Bridge Children Advocacy Center gathered local fencers at Amarillo College to compete and honor Chuck by playing the sport he was so passionate about.

"Remembering Chuck is extremely important to me. He was very dear to us, of course, and we don't want to see him forgotten," said Mrs. Slaughter. "We just want that continuation of building up these kids and raising them and giving them something important to strive for."

Whether you're serious about learning more on becoming a fencer, visit the Amarillo Competitive Fencing Association website for more information.

"One thing that Chuck always did was a good balance between fun and then being serious about it. He definitely wanted to take everyone as far as they could go," said Simpson. "So, if you want to do it for fun you're welcome to. If you want to compete, you're welcome to, but either way, you're going to have fun being here."

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