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Square Mile Farm accepting SNAP benefits from low-income residents

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Square Mile Farm's business partner, Nuke City Veg, LLC will now be accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP benefits through the USDA.

Market gardener with Nuke City Veg, Danny Melius, said having SNAP benefits at the Square Mile farm will continue to help fill the gap in food insecure communities like the San Jacinto neighborhood.

"A way for us to provide the neighborhood with fresh produce that's better for them is through SNAP," he said.

He believes this is a huge step in achieving their goals with Square Mile and the farm on SW 6th Avenue.

"Once we get a card reader, they'll be able to come out on our Saturday market days and purchase fresh produce for themselves with their SNAP benefits," said Melius.

Nuke City Veg will also be partnering with a program called 'Double Up Food Bucks', so residents can get more produce for less.

"As people use their SNAP benefits, they'll swipe for $10 and they'll get $20 worth of buying power from the farmer because the farmer's plugged into Double Up Food Bucks," said Melius. "And the fund will pay the farmer the $20 where the person using their SNAP benefits only has to pay $10. So it even further benefits the neighborhood and people that need access to that healthy food."

Executive Director of Square Mile, Brady Clark, said they're excited to continue working with Nuke City Veg this spring to keep the farm up and running.

Going into the harvest season, the farm is in need of volunteers on their Saturday work days.

"Everything's starting to grow again and for us, for the food production side of it, everything's looking great," said Clark. "Now we're really working on beautification, trying to get the infrastructure and really making improvements to the property so the neighborhood can be proud of it and really we can complete that transformation of just an ugly, vacant lot into something really cool, very beautiful and something that's also providing for the needs of the community."

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A community-supported agriculture, or CSA program, is also in the works for the urban farm, providing packaged produce for customers during the peak of their growing season.

"Our customers sign up for a weekly box, or a bi-weekly box depending on what they want," said Melius. "Anything that's available on the farm that week."

Clark said the community support is what keeps them going.

"We actually have tried to give more stuff away and people want to give back," he said. "They don't see this as a charity, they see it as something to help develop the community and help make the neighborhood stronger and that's what it is."

"We're not a charity. We're part of developing and revitalizing and really helping to breathe new life back into San Jacinto and neighborhoods like this."

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