Senior Services Advisory Board takes the next step

Senior Services Advisory Board takes the next step
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo's Senior Citizen Advisory Board aims to accommodate senior citizens in Amarillo by finding, defining and caring for their needs.

This afternoon, the quorum completed their recommendation of what exactly those needs for the elderly are and have decided to bring those findings to city council in the future.

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This recommendation comes after an 18 month process that looked at the needs and programming that those ages 50 and older have expressed interest in.

"It focuses primarily on health and wellness, economic security and volunteering, connection to community," said Linda Pitner, Senior Services Coordinator for the City of Amarillo.

The proposal consists of two parts - one being a Center without Walls.

It's essentially a website that hopes to engage seniors with already available outlets in the community.

"The Center without Walls is moving forward through the city's budget request, as a supplemental request," said Pitner.

"People interested in specific programs, they can read about them in the Center without Walls documents," said board member Robert Goodrich. "The libraries can draw up on the resources that are available."

The second element is constructing a facility as the hub for what's happening.

The blueprint comes from a study to find what type of structure would be adequate.

"In order to provide the services and programming that the community has asked for through the programming needs assessment, we need about a 49,000 square foot facility," said Pitner. "We have some estimates that range from about 16.5 million to 20 million dollars depending on a time frame that a facility would be constructed."

One board member said he's looking forward to eventually presenting the findings to city council and continuing research on the needs of seniors who call Amarillo home.

"If we have a commitment to continue as a committee, when we discover what we might interpret to be best practices we can add to our inventory of services," said Goodrich.

The next time the board will meet will be in late August to discuss how the proposal has faired within the city's budget and the next steps to continue forward progress.

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