Planting community growth: Hutchinson County libraries begin seed exchange program

Planting community growth: Hutchinson County libraries begin seed exchange program
Hutchinson County community seed exchange program (Source: KFDA)

BORGER, TX (KFDA) - Going beyond the books, area libraries are getting down in the dirt and planting a new movement in the community.

"There's a movement across the world, and not just in our nation, for getting to know your food, growing locally, eating locally, eating healthier," said Tamara Beres, director of the Hutchinson County Public Libraries.

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Hutchinson County wanted to take that worldwide movement and bring it to the Texas Panhandle.

"We wanted to reach out to people and let them start doing that," said Beres.

This led the county's public libraries to begin a community seed exchange program in its branches in Borger, Stinnett and Fritch.

The process of the program is actually pretty simple. Either take a seed to plant for yourself or bring one for somebody else to plant, leaving it for them in exchange.

"The whole idea is take what you need, leave what you can," said Beres. "They can take them, grow them, harvest at the end of the season and return them or if they have leftovers from their planting this season, they can bring those in."

Through the program, the libraries hope to bring a sense of community involvement across the county.

"We are hoping it will bring the community together and give people a place not just to read at the library but also a place to have a little community of their own of gardeners, of little farmers," said Beres.

They say the program will also provide learning opportunities for community members of all ages.

"It'll help children to learn where their food sources come from," said Ruth DeRosa, officer managers of the Borger branch. "It'll help people of all ages to know more about sustaining our food sources."

For DeRosa, the seed exchange brings memories of the past and hope for the future.

"It's wonderful. I think of all the memories that people are going to build gardening," said DeRosa. "I still remember times that I spent gardening with my grandfather right here in Stinnett in his garden,   and I think of how it's going to bring the community together."

With each seed comes growth, from new life to new community bonds.

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