Dumas asks residents to tend to their grass and weeds

Dumas asks residents to tend to their grass and weeds

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Last year, the City of Dumas saw a high amount of environmental code violations regarding residents not keeping their grass below 12 inches.

This year, city officials said they are seeing more of the same.

Dustin Carlile, code enforcement officer for the City of Dumas, said enforcing these requirements needs a hands-on approach.

"I clearly noticed being reactive and new to the job was not getting everything taken care of," said Carlile. "After more training and being more proactive, I've been able to get a large swath of Dumas, a lot of the weeds cleaned up."

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Many of these violations take place in alleyways, according to Carlile.

He said this is due to a wide misconception residents may have.

"A lot of the folks are under the misconception that the alley is the city's responsibility. It's not," said Carlile. "If you're sharing an alley, you're responsible for your part of the alley all the way to the very middle, and the person across from you is responsible for the other half up to their fence."

If your grass or weeds are above 12 inches, you could receive a citation, and will be given 10 days to trim them.

If your grass and weeds are above 24 inches, you could receive a citation and the city will cut them down.

That citation could be up to $500.

If you need help removing your overgrown grass and weeds, you can call the Dumas Police Department for help.

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