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'Don't Mess with Fritch Texas Trash Off': Residents get hands on cleaning up the town for Earth Day

Source: Project Fritch America Source: Project Fritch America
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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

Project Fritch America is giving residents a hands on opportunity to keep Fritch beautiful.

Volunteers met at Fritch City Park where they geared up with gloves and trash bags.

Splitting into groups, they tackled problem areas around town that have the most trash build-up.

This includes along Broadway St., around the city park, and especially outside of local stores.

"Cans, glass bottles, styrofoam cups always tend to be thrown out there," said Project Fritch America director, Silver Welch. "Cigarette butts. Things along those lines. We don't know if people just throw them down or if they're blowing out of trash cans around the area but they, they're real problem areas around the convenience stores."

The third annual 'Trash Off' is one of many events the organization holds to bring the community together.

"We joined 'Keep Texas Beautiful' three years ago and we need to clean up our town and it's just good for everybody, you know, to get out and volunteer and make a difference in their community."

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One volunteer, Melinda Holcomb, said being a part of cleaning up the town gives her a sense of pride in where she lives.

"Especially with all the wind we get around here," she said. "You know, as everybody knows in the Texas Panhandle, trash blows everywhere and if you just let it sit there and collect, it just starts looking bad. And I think it reflects on everybody and I think it might affect how you feel about where you're living."

She also said in light of the recent fires, eliminating the trash in the area will be extremely helpful to first responders.

"A lot of this is paper. And when the paper catches on fire the wind blows up and it just spreads it even more," said Holcomb.

Welch believes the cleanup makes a huge difference for the City of Fritch and the people who live there.

"I've enjoyed the past three years doing this and seeing our town improve greatly just by community efforts," she said.

According to Project Fritch America, volunteers usually collect around 90 bags of trash total in the day.

They said picking up even a little bit of trash everyday will always go a long way.

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