Cam’s Weather Corner: Our spring weather outlook

Cam’s Weather Corner: Our spring weather outlook

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - It seems all we've talked about lately are the widespread fires and extreme drought.

The only way we will minimize our fire danger and mend our drought is by bringing moisture into the Panhandle.

This week on Cam's Weather Corner, we will be discussing our spring outlook in terms of temperature, precipitation and severe weather.

The latest La Niña update came out and shows that the waters continue to be cool off the coast of South America. The good news is that La Niña is weakening ,but if it hangs around, our weather pattern will still favor drier conditions.

Even after La Niña goes neutral, we will have to wait at least a month and half because of the delayed response time between the ocean and atmosphere.

When we think of springtime on the Rolling Plains, we tend to think of a very volatile period with warmer weather and frequent severe weather events.

However, this year has been different with dry weather and fires opposed to severe storms.

Looking towards the rest of spring, we can expect slightly above average temperatures. Most days will be around average in the 70s or 80s, although 90 and 100 degree days are possible.

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Despite being exceptionally dry for the last six months, we should gradually reintroduce slightly more frequent rain and severe chances as we near May and move towards summer.

Severe weather season has gotten off to a very slow start, but activity should start to ramp up over the next couple months. Once we start tapping into deeper moisture and better storm dynamics, severe weather should start to become more frequent especially by June.

However, if La Niña lingers, both moisture and severe weather chances may tend to lean towards a below average trend.

Overall once we return to a more neutral pattern, spring should bring a resurgence of moisture and severe storms.

Still it looks like the best severe weather coverage will be in the eastern areas and more into Oklahoma.

Let's all be optimistic that this spring brings storms to help mend our drought-ravaged area.

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