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Second Chance Prom to benefit Martha's Home on their 30th Anniversary

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Tonight's theme was the "Diamond Anniversary" to celebrate the 10th Annual Second Chance Prom and the 30th Anniversary of Martha's Home.

It took six months for the non-profit to plan the event.

Director of Development and Public Relations, Sarah Silva, said it couldn't be done without the dedication of an army of volunteers.

"It is our biggest fundraiser of the year; it actually accounts for about 30 percent of our budget to run Martha's Home every year," she said.

The Second Chance Prom is giving Amarillo residents a second chance at a dazzling night of fun for a great cause.

You can help Martha's Home by volunteering and donating.

By supporting Martha's Home, participants are giving women and children another chance at a life.

"They're getting a second chance, a do-over so to speak," said Board member, Chris Pirtle. "And we think it's a fun concept for the audience and the ticket holders to say hey, we've grown up and it's not high school anymore so let's have another go around and have some fun and raise money for a really great charity."

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The organization said proceeds will go to sustain the four homes they have running already as well as a new home they're adding to help support more women.

"We actually just bought a fifth house also that we're trying to get ready for some of our transitional ladies to move into," Silva said. "If they're going to school they can be there. So it's absolutely essential for us to be able to run Martha's Home each year."

Silva feels that there is a calling now more than ever for the organization to continue to help the homeless in our community.

"I think that everyone knows now that the plea of the homeless in this city has grown, so that demand is putting us in a position where we feel like we need to serve as many as we can every year."

Pirtle said the community should find more opportunities to help out in any way they can.

"Not just by merely throwing dollars at it, but putting the work behind it," he said. "And I think it's a force of our community, it's a showing of our community, how strong that we are, how strong just the general non-profit community is in Amarillo to help and get behind this type of service."

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