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City of Canyon approves plan to protect against wildfires

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Source: KFDA Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA Source: KFDA

As wildfire season continues to blaze on, one area city is taking steps to reduce the potential threat of blazes.

The City of Canyon adopted an ordinance this week that they say will help them evaluate any hazardous fire risks to people and property in the area and protect against them.

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The Fire Hazard Mitigation Plan is a joint effort between the city of Canyon and the Canyon Fire Department.

It focuses on preventing a fire from reaching Canyon.

"It grants resources and authority to the fire department to perform specific types of measures to hopefully mitigate a wildfire getting into town," said Randy Criswell, City Manager for Canyon.

The plan aims to change the dynamic of any potential fire by conducting prescribed burns and creating conditions so if there is a fire, the land would be prepared for firefighters to battle the blaze.

"It would be eliminating low hanging branches, mowing, shredding weeds down that may be three foot tall, cutting those down low," said Criswell. "Things that would slow a fire down and make it more controllable."

After weather like the Panhandle has experienced recently, the city says it's their responsibility to ensure safety.

"It's just incumbent on as a city government and a fire department to do everything we can to protect our city."

Landowners have an opportunity to partner with Canyon on this plan.

The city will initially be targeting land to the south and to the west of the city.

"I would hope that anybody who might be saying this on the news might think, 'You bet, I'll sign this authorization form when they come to me,' because it's going to take us all working together," said Criswell. "We really don't have any authority to go out there and demand access to those properties. So people are going to have to allow us on the property to do inspections and take whatever corrective measures that we deem to be appropriate."

If you'd like your land to be assessed as part of the Fire Hazard Mitigation Plan, you can contact the Canyon Fire Department and they'll take you through the process.

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