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'Beautifier of Amarillo' donates funds for Japanese garden

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The "Dusty McGuire Japanese Garden" is having its final touches put on, as it will soon be open to the public.

Dusty McGuire, known as "The Beautifier of Amarillo," has been beautifying Amarillo for decades. At nearly 88-years-old, she has a passion for the environment and the orient. She decided to donate her trust money to build a Japanese garden that all Amarillo residents can enjoy.

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"I like the oriental look," said Dusty McGuire. "I really do. I think the oriental, whatever you have, garden or interior, that it's relaxing and sorta soothing. I love to garden. And so this is where it all came from." 

When you enter the garden, you'll walk under the torii gate, symbolizing you're entering a sacred place. The garden will have a tea house, multiple waterfalls with a pond, and significant Japanese statues.

"It adds a new garden domention the gardens out here," said Jelaine Workman, executive director of the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. "Japanese gardening is not something you see all over the Panhandle. So people are going to be able to come here and see the different kind of plants, the way it's planted, and feel the calmness that is creates. 

Construction is set to finish by the end of today, and the grand opening will be next Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. 

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