East Gateway TIRZ 'planting seeds' in East Amarillo

East Gateway TIRZ 'planting seeds' in East Amarillo
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The East Gateway TIRZ, known as TIRZ 2, is slated for $100 million in developments in East Amarillo over the next three decades.

That's according to board members at the latest meeting, as they discussed projects on the agenda for the 940 acres that is allotted as the city's second Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ 2).

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One of the projects in the works is an athletic facility that could be modeled after an existing one in Frisco.

"The board took action in February to work with an organization to start to get an actual conception rendering," said Mercy Murguia, Chairwoman for TIRZ 2. "What does that look like? We can start to stew over what's the right square footage, what works right for this plan."

Assistant City Manager Floyd Hartman said the drainage zone for an area of TIRZ 2 has been finalized, and work is expected to begin within a week.

Construction on I-40 in that area that began this month, and is slated to be completed in three years, is set to be beneficial to the established zone, including The Big Texan.

"The exit ramp is positioned quite nicely so that way you exit and have access to the whole I-40 frontage," said Murguia. "It's prime property because it's alongside a highway, so when you exit off a highway it makes it nice for the traffic that flows into Amarillo."

Beyond the ideas discussed, the quorum says they have plenty more in the works.

"Some hoteliers own some land there, the Mitchell family owns some land there for a potential Toot'n Totum locations," said Murguia. "I think our goal is that we continue to plant seeds for trees that we're never going to sit under. We're in a planting season, so I think that's an important dialogue for East Amarillo."

The board also approved an official logo for the East Gateway TIRZ.

They plan to meet again on May 17 to present renderings for the athletic facility.

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