Our Perspective on a new product on the market that can save you money

Our Perspective on a new product on the market that can save you money

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - We all like saving money and making good deals.

Some search the internet, while others go from store to store, searching for the deal of the day.

I'm sure you have also heard about the movement encouraging you to shop local and the overall value that supporting your local merchants has for our community.

Well, NewsChannel10 has launched a new initiative to help in saving you money, saving you time and letting you do business with local merchants.

You can now go to panhandledeals.com or download our new Panhandle Deals app for Apple & Android and find 50 percent off deals around our area.

This service is provided 24/7 anytime you want to shop, and new deals are introduced every week.

You won't find any 10 percent off coupons here.

We only list half-off deals, so each purchase you make doubles your dollars.

Today's Perspective is about seeing a need, having the resources and launching a tool to help the community all at one time.

We cherish the community we live in much like you do and hope this tool helps you double your dollars as you shop our local stores.

We would love to get your feedback as you try it out.

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