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Guymon schools reopen after walkout, teachers say their fight isn't over

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Guymon, OK (KFDA) -

Teachers, students, and parents are happy as Guymon Public Schools resumed classes today after the Oklahoma teacher walkout

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However, that happiness is short-lived, as some Guymon administrators say their work isn't over. 

Administrators say their students suffer without the proper funding.

"It was a stressful time for most of our teachers because there was two sides to that," said Guymon K2 Principal Kasey Meyer. "There was there love of kids and wanting to be with the kids, but we need help supporting our kids, and funding our kids, and getting our kids what they need."

This is why Guymon Public School System delegates will continue to protest at the capitol in Oklahoma City each week. 

These delegates say it's time legislation puts education first.

Guymon teachers say without an appropriate education, their students are disadvantaged in comparison to students from other states. 

"Maybe legislators might need to come spend time in an actual classroom, you know a week. Come see what it is that we're doing, see what we have and what we don't have," said Meyer. "You would see that education is really important, because these kids are our future."

Although parents in Guymon are happy to have their students back in school, some say it's sad that it even had to come to this in the first place.

"Our schools are in horrible shape, our books are in horrible shape, we have overcrowding," said Guymon Parent Becky Moore. "We have emergency-certified teachers that are teaching subjects that they may not know anything about. They're there because there's a need. They're doing a good job, you know. Our teachers are amazing, they care about these students. I just wish downstate would."

Guymon Superintendent Doug Melton says students will not have to make up the time missed because the district had those hours banked in case of emergencies like this.

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