Good News with Dave: Goodwill overpowering the springtime wind at Westway Baptist Church

Good News with Dave: Goodwill overpowering the springtime wind at Westway Baptist Church

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Here in West Texas, we have a lot of wind. That's according to Ken Varner, pastor of Westway Baptist Church.

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From time to time, most small churches weather storms, but when you're in rural Deaf Smith County, there's nothing stopping that wind.

"A couple years ago, our sign started blowing down," said Pastor Varner. "It's been out here since the early 1960's, the sign has.

"For the last 20 years, we have been repairing that sign, about every year it blows over," said Robby Coller of Top of Texas, Inc.

And every time that sign blew over, it was propped back up.

"Barrertt and Crofoot feedyard just west of our church has been propping it up with welds," said Pastor Varner. "And it got to the point where it couldn't be welded anymore."

You might say that's when God sent the church a sign. Literally!

"We were having a funeral service here at the church," said Pastor Varner. "Matt Collier from Top of Texas came to the funeral. He said, 'Hey, what happened to your sign?' And I told him that the wind had blowed it down, and he said, 'Would you mind if we build you a sign?'"

"The Lord called us and said 'let's do this, let's do this for this community and do it for the church,' and that's what we decided," Collier said.

During the church sign dedication, Pastor Varner declared, "Every time we look at this sign, it will remind us of the kindness you have shown to the fellowship of Westway Baptist Church."

The pastor says they're a small church that doesn't have the money to replenish their sign, and it was a blessing for Collier to say they would build a sign for the church.

Now, even the relentless springtime wind can't overpower the goodwill from folds in our area.

And that is good news!

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