Tulia awarded $1.2 million grant to diversify economy across region

Tulia awarded $1.2 million grant to diversify economy across region
Source: KFDA

TULIA, TX (KFDA) - A small city in the Texas Panhandle is getting a big investment from a section of the United States Department of Commerce.

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Tulia is receiving $1.2 million from the Economic Development Administration in hopes to boost economy across the entire region.

This grant was finalized this week, after almost a year long application process put together by the city of Tulia and the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission.

The money will help develop the Innovative Industrial Business Park.

"Basically it's infrastructure improvement to help them put in a business park," said Dustin Meyer, the local government services director at the Panhandle Regional  Planning Commission. "So they were looking at doing some water line improvements, sewer line improvements and actually putting in a road. It's going to go in off of I-27 right behind the Pilot gas station there."

In a statement, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said the park "will help diversify the Panhandle's economy by attracting and growing manufacturing businesses."

"The city of Tulia is highly dependent on agricultural industry, as many of the counties are in the Panhandle. Anything that diversifies the economy makes for a pretty good application," said Meyer.

One tenant has officially signed on to the park bringing in a two million dollar investment.

A renewable energy company has issued a letter of support backing the project.

"A meat manufacturing company, that's going to be the first tenant in the business park that's already committed to go out there and build a facility and put out jobs out there," said Meyer. "Having that tenant ready to go in, that's what kind of makes this one stand out for EDA."

The Tulia EDC committed $150,000 to the project and the city of Tulia has committed funds in the $400,000 range.

The EDA will be visiting the future home of the Innovative Industrial Business Park at the end of the week.

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