Water Wasters: The status of our water supply

Water Wasters: The status of our water supply
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - While our area remains in an extreme drought, Amarillo's director of water utilities Russell Grubbs said there's no time like the present to conserve water.

"We should always be in water conservation mode," said Grubbs. "No matter whether it's wet or dry, we should always be concerned about conserving our water resources."

Grubbs said our city water supply is doing well.

"We have approximately 50 to 100 years left in our aquifer but we also do have additional water rights up in Roberts County," said Grubbs. "So right now we're looking at about 200 years worth of water resources for the city."

He said the city is currently pumping water from both the Ogallala Aquifer as well as the Canadian River Municipal Authority (CRMWA).

"We take in about 33 million gallons a day from CRMWA," said Grubbs. "They take I think it's five million [gallons] from Lake Meredith and the rest of that from their well fields. And we make that up with our own well fields in the city."

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While there are no water restrictions in Amarillo at this time, the owner of Kenyon Sprinkler & Landscape, Ronnie Kenyon, said it's important to mindful of saving water.

"Most of these yards around here require about an inch a week," said Kenyon.

Kenyon said residents should check their sprinklers about once a month to ensure everything's working properly.

There's also new technology that may help you better maintain your lawn care.

"They're called smart timers," said Kenyon. "They take data from the weather service, and they take data from Texas A&M, and they compile this information with satellite data and stuff like that and these timers you can work from your smart phone."

The time of a day you water your lawn can make a big difference.

"Make sure we're watering in the morning," said Kenyon. "I try to pick up a total run time of the whole system. If we've got an hour of run time, I want to back up one hour from sunrise."

He advises residents to get a water audit done to see exactly how much water your sprinkler is making, and ensure you're not over-watering.

If you're concerned that other businesses, agencies or neighbors are water wasting, you can report it to us.

If you see flooded streets, broken sprinkler heads or running water, take a picture and send it to us at waterwasters@newschannel10.com.

Then every Wednesday, we will contact them and try and find a positive solution to the issue.

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