'Power of the Purse' raises funds for machine to treat anxiety and depression

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Former First Lady Laura Bush came to Amarillo today to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health.

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Women filled the Heritage Room in the Civic Center to hear Mrs. Bush speak and reflect on the work of the institute.

The attendants raised money through the "Power of the Purse," an auction that happens every year. This year, the money raised will be going to purchase a trans-cranial magnetic stimulation machine.

"That machine may possibly put two out of three people into remission from high anxiety or medicine resistant depression," said Angela Knapp Eggers of the institute.

The machine is to treat those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

"TMS is a treatment that releases magnetic pulses into the brain that stimulates brain activity and has shown to create new paths ways into the brain," said Tim Bowles of the institute. "The TMS equipment will the first of its kind in the Texas Panhandle."

Staff say the machine will be bought this month.

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