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Computer issues causing problems for STAAR Test takers

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Students taking the online version of the high-stakes STAAR today were temporarily kicked out of a software program that runs the test midway through their testing.

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One local teacher said the glitch caused her to panic for a brief moment as she was not able to administer the test to her students. 

"You find that out and you think, oh no, their going to panic, or they're going to stress out," said English II Teacher for River Road High School Sasha Smith.

Once the glitch was reported, notices were sent out to testing coordinators across the state alerting them of the issue and instructing them to call the testing support center if any issues were identified. 

River Road Independent School District said one student was impacted by the glitch. 

"At first, you are obviously very concerned. I was put at ease being able to see her progress, I could see that she wasn't timed out," said Assistant Superintendent for River Road School District Andy Neis. 

 "At that point, we decided to have the young lady go have lunch. After lunch, she went to go log back in and everything was fine," said Neis.  

Administrators have a positive message for students and their parents as they move forward from this "hiccup."

"Even if you have a little hiccup or a problem, as long as when you were taking your test, you were doing your best and working your hardest, then you should be fine," said Smith.

"I've seen what you can do this year, and I know, you have the skills and abilities you needed to be able to meet that standard that is there," said Smith. 

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