Hitting it out of the park: MPEV construction ahead of schedule

Hitting it out of the park: MPEV construction ahead of schedule
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA
Source: KFDA

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Multi-Purpose Event Venue is beginning to take shape in downtown Amarillo.

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According to an update given to city council on the MPEV this week, construction is three weeks ahead of schedule and excavation is almost complete.

The construction pad at first base will finish by the end of the week, allowing underground work to begin.

Across the diamond at third base, a construction pad will be completed in two to three weeks.

After third base is finished, excavation will begin for locker rooms.

The Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council hopes the MPEV will be a home-run for the community and tourists.

"There are specific group tours that just want to do minor league baseball," said Dan Quandt, Vice President at Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council. "That opens a whole new market for Amarillo that we could never consider before. Now we're able to meet with those tour operators as they're starting to plan ahead for the 2019 schedule."

Events besides baseball are in the works.

One convention is scheduled for April of 2019 with more on the way.

"When they come if they've got a game, then they'll be attending the game," said Quandt. "If they're away then we will be using some of the facilities as a place for them to be like, 'wow look at this place.'"

Quandt said there has been some misinformation about the MPEV and said while the city has a 12 event contract with the group, that's specific to the city.

"That doesn't mean that if you want to rent it and throw a concert, you can't. You could do that too," said  That's over and above those 12. The people that are going to come and run our baseball team are currently running the baseball team in Colorado Springs. They're doing over 200 events a year in their ballpark and nothing's going to change for us."

The Elmore Sports Group now has its first employee in Amarillo and is preparing to add more as the MPEV continues to progress.

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