Bringing back Water Wasters on NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Living in the Panhandle we all know how scarce rain can be, and this year has proven to be one of the worst on record.

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Now that temperatures are steadily climbing, water conservation is extremely important, even more so than years past.

That's why NewsChannel 10 is returning or annual series dedicated to saving this precious resource, "Water Wasters Wednesday."

This weekly segment is dedicated to identifying areas where we can all improve our conservation efforts.

One area where the most progress can be made, is the use of water for landscaping.

While we all appreciate a beautiful, green lawn, a few steps of conservation can go a long way.

The first step, monitor our own water usage, and find solutions to this growing issue through some easy steps. Water lawns on days when the temperature and wind speeds are at their lowest, incorporate technology that shuts off watering after rainfall and many other creative solutions we will discuss.

Another, and this is where we need your help, is identifying those businesses and local agencies wasting water. When you see a local business watering a parking lot, sending water down the street, or simply not paying attention to their water usage, snap a photo and send it to us here at the station.

We will contact the business and try and find a positive solution to the problem.

You can send those photos here, and look for those pictures to be shared every Wednesday night at 10.

Remember, every drop counts.

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